naked massage


Do I seem familiar? I may be someone you have met before, or am I just someone that you have dreamed of meeting? Either way book a time.

We're sorry, Blossom is not available this week.

Beautiful, sweet charming a young woman with a heart of gold and a face like an angel, legs to die for and a heavenly body… and yet underneath is a knowing, sexual and naughty nymph? Blossom has arrived at Funhouse with a load of energy and a lot of moves to use on YOU!

Some of you may recognise her from a previous life at Funhouse, and here she is again for a rerun of fun times and regular sessions of intimate teasing. Blossom can be heart-warmingly delightful or full of sexy mischief. She is experienced in the art of making you feel good and enjoying herself along the way too.

Blossom works very well with other Funhouse beauties in sessions of double trouble (bi double) and is a wonderful tease in a massage room. She will build you up to a magical finish using her supple body, her soft hands and her enchanting smile, all the while making the most of the large mirrors for your viewing pleasure.

Blossom is looking forward to meeting some new gentlemen and maybe catching up with some she has met before. All I can say is make a time to meet her and have some special ‘you’ time.


Age: 22
Size: 8
Height: 5’6”
Hair: Long Red hair
Bust: 34C
Eyes: Blue
Nationality: NZ European
Tattoos: Teeny



Erotic massage
Kinky Massage
Foot Fetish
Massage extras


1 hour $320
75 mins $400
90 mins $480
2 hours $640
Kinky Massage $500
Doubles POA
Massage extras POA
+ $10 per hour by card